Connecticut’s Premier Welding School & Testing Lab

Man welding, CT school for Welding certification, training

Learn a skill that pays the bills!  Welders are in big demand, in construction, fabrication, building maintenance, ship building, aero-space.  Welding taught by experienced welders. Get welding certification to prove you have the skill and know how, to produce sound welds.
 We offer CT DOT welding certification for bridge welding.
  Visual welding inspection by AWS certified welding inspectors with over three decades of experience.


Are you searching for a way to hone your skills? Learn from experienced Instructors who have been teaching welding for over 22 years. Learn Welding as a career, as a hobbyist, or a second job. Great opportunities for good Skilled Welders.


Is it time to expand your talents and knowledge and get certifications that show you are qualified?


We can help you!  We provide:

    •    Training

    •    Welder Skill Enhancement

    •    Certifications

    •    Procedure Writing

    •    On-Site Inspection

    •    Oxy-Fuel Training

    •    Code Interpretation

    •    Safety Programs


We are also a Certifications and Testing Lab:

Welding certifications come in many process, position, metal thickness and material. Get your employees certification for the jobs that will be coming in the future, be prepared.  Our professional AWS SCWI and CWIs can perform the qualification test of your choice in your shop. Save time and money. Need a welding procedure written? Whatever you needs are we can help.